Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ECR Research – Macroeconomic research institute

ECR Research is a long-standing and continuously growing research institute specialising in currency and interest rate markets. ECR is strictly independent and provides a medium term view on the G-10 economies. In the past 30 years, many professionals in the corporate and financial world have chosen ECR as one of their favourite sources. Today, over 3,500 readers worldwide enjoy our unbiased and provocative market comments every day!

Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, our analysts publish 3 reports per week. The 3 reports focus on different sectors within the global financial economy.
  • Global Interest Rates
  • Global Currencies
  • Global Financial Markets
Our research is not only read by some of the largest names in the financial world, but also by smaller and mid sized corporations.
We will be posting extracts of our reports and newsletters here, giving you a taste of what our clients are receiving straight to their inbox.

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For more information, or to receive our reports on a trial basis please get in touch with me via o.payne@ecrresearch.com.